Theme Installation Tutorial

Installing the themes you download from our website is pretty easy without any major modification to the Ubuntu/Linux filesystem. But those who are new to Ubuntu/Linux can check this tutorial on how to install our Ubuntu Themes. Our themes should work in all Ubuntu and Linux distributions which support the gnome backgrounds.

Here is a step by step tutorial to installing our Ubuntu Themes on your computer. You would need administrative/root access to install it.

1. Download the theme from our website and extract the files on your laptop/desktop.

2. Move the uncompressed theme folder to /usr/share/backgrounds in your Ubuntu/Linux system. But you would need root privileges for the same. So, open the terminal window in Ubuntu and type:

sudo cp -R /home/YOURUSERNAME/PathToYourThemeFolder /usr/share/backgrounds

Replace YOURUSERNAME and PathToYourThemeFolder with the ones that are relevant to your installation of Ubuntu/Linux. You can also check the location by right clicking the folder and checking properties which would show the location. Remember to add the current folder name at the end if you check using properties.

3. You might be prompted for the password for the administrator as you need admin privileges. Please type your admin password and press enter. Then browse to the folder /usr/share/backgrounds/ThemeFolder/ and check if you can access the folder and see the images inside it properly. If you can see all the images normally then skip step 4 and proceed to step 5. If you see cross mark or permission denied in the ThemeFolder then go to step 4.

4. If you see a cross mark or if you cannot view the images properly inside the /usr/share/backgrounds/ThemeFolder then it is probably due to permissions problem. So, you might need to change the permissions of that folder so that it is accessible to all. To change the permissions, type the following command in the terminal window:

sudo chmod 777 -R /usr/share/backgrounds/ThemeFolder

where you can replace ThemeFolder with the name of the extracted theme folder name.

5. Now open Applications from the floating sidebar if you are using current version of Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal and select Apperance. Or if you are using an older version then go to System > Preferences > Appearance and click on Appearance. You can also open Appearance Preference by right clicking on the desktop screen of Ubuntu and selecting “Change Desktop Background” from the right click menu. In the Appearance Preferences dialogue box open the “Background” tab. You will see the existing wallpapers in Ubuntu in the background tab. Now click on “Add” near the bottom right side of that tab to add the new theme. A new window named “Add Wallpaper” would pop up where you need to browse to the “/usr/share/backgrounds/ThemeFolder/” and select the themefile.xml inside the ThemeFolder. You might need to change the file type at the bottom right of the “Add Wallpaper” window from “images” to “all files” in order to view the xml file.

Replace ThemeFolder and themefile.xml name with the actual theme folder name and theme file name.

Once the theme is installed select the theme you just added from Appearance Preferences and that’s it. The installation is complete and you should see the backgrounds which will rotate every 15 minutes. 🙂 Please feel free to ask questions if you face any problem and we will gladly help with the same.

We have also made a video of all the steps we mentioned as we installed a theme on a Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal system.

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